Hello I'm alive

Hope everyone had great holiday's, I know I'm a bit late on it. Been sometime since I've posted anything here or even on social sites so here we go. 2014 ending up being a year of loss and struggles as artist and personal life. Many that i had been through before. But this time seemed different in many ways. I became more of a solo artist, recorded 2 songs "Drive" and "Wish i could". I feel these 2 songs have been my best work to date. Wanted to release more songs but as the year went on, was unable to and wasn't sure if i wanted to put more music out. I've been at this music thing for over 20 years. It's my heart soul everything to me. At times it seems i should stop and give up cause all the work put in with so little coming back sometimes. But then the other day i came here and checked the views on my site. i was amazed that with no new blogs posts or anything, there was still was a decent amount of people checking out the site. It made me think back when i was a kid that i used to say if one person digs my tunes its all worth it. One person don't pay the bills ha ha, but hey someone likes what i do. And its more then one person. So i want to thank everyone thats been coming here while I've been off the grid. It means everything to me. You'll see me back at the social side of things stop by for chat. And just maybe ill be working on something new. Will just have to wait to see. Till then have a listen to "Drive" and Wish i could" watch the videos share them. Request them to be played on 106.9 The Wolf.

I wish you all the best in 2015.

Thanks A.R

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