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New Single "Wish i could" 

Hey I'm excited to tell you that I'm releasing another new single "Wish i could" on Tuesday June 24th @ 4:20pm. Ill be posting the lyric video for "Wish i could" at the same time. This song wont be a free download, you'll have to buy from Itunes or where ever you buy or stream music. Thanks to my bro Aron Shane for spending time on doing the lyric video and cover for the single. This is the last tune me and Aron recorded together. Im going to try to continue to release a new single every 3 months like i mentioned when i released "Drive" back in March. Thanks to everyone who downloaded, streamed,watched, shared the "Drive" music video. We hit 700 views in 3 months. Thanks to everyone who's been requesting "Drive" on local radio 106.9 The Wolf. Lets get the "Wish i could" to hit a 1000 in 3 months. Join the mialing list for latest updates.

Thanks A.R

Drive radio play 106.9 The Wolf 

This sunday at 6pm 106.9 The wolf will be playing my new single DRIVE on there show Fresh tracks. Tune your radios in to check out the first spin or steam it at  After sunday you can call in a request Drive. Thanks to 106.9 The wolf for always supporting and playing my tunes my appreciated.


Looking for new musicians  

I'm really getting the itchy to play a full band gig. Also really want to hit the road with these new songs. If anyone knows a solid drummer with wicked grove and a wicked bass player with great skills to lock in with a drummer. Hit me up or pass this along

Thanks A.R 
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