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Happy Thanks giving 

Hey wanted to wish all our Canadian fans a Happy Thanks giving. Hope everyone gets to spend the day with family and friend's and a huge plate of food. Don't forget the things you should be thankful for and there's people out there that might not have anyone to see or a some food to eat. So today is the day go out of your way. Im really thankful for having a good family and friend's. Happy Thanks giving everyone.


New Promo Photo 

Here's a new promo pic my bro Aron Shane did. If you need photos taken for any occasion hit him up and see what he can do for you. check out his site to see some of his work. Click here Aron Shane 
Thanks to Aron for doing the pic. More to come in next little while. Hope everyone is having a killer Summer and enjoying the heat. Don't forget you can comment to any of these blog posts. 

Thanks A.R

New Single "Wish i could" 

Hey I'm excited to tell you that I'm releasing another new single "Wish i could" on Tuesday June 24th @ 4:20pm. Ill be posting the lyric video for "Wish i could" at the same time. This song wont be a free download, you'll have to buy from Itunes or where ever you buy or stream music. Thanks to my bro Aron Shane for spending time on doing the lyric video and cover for the single. This is the last tune me and Aron recorded together. Im going to try to continue to release a new single every 3 months like i mentioned when i released "Drive" back in March. Thanks to everyone who downloaded, streamed,watched, shared the "Drive" music video. We hit 700 views in 3 months. Thanks to everyone who's been requesting "Drive" on local radio 106.9 The Wolf. Lets get the "Wish i could" to hit a 1000 in 3 months. Join the mialing list for latest updates.

Thanks A.R